Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation, often referred to as Dispute Resolution, is a process that is aimed at determining a dispute between two or more parties through negotiation, arbitrations, mediations or the use of the court. Generally, the parties involved in a commercial or a private dispute seek a remedy usually for a fixed sum or damages (compensation) or sometimes other remedies such as an injunction where the court is asked to make the other party do or stop doing some act affecting them or their property. This is a civil action and there are no criminal sanctions involved.

Civil Litigation covers a wide area of law ranging from contractual disputes to family and employment law and to property and nuisance actions.

However, whatever the area of law, it is necessary at the outset to collate all the facts, the evidence to be relied upon and explain clearly the options available and assess any weaknesses in your claim or defence and whether you have a counterclaim. The solutions available can be as diverse as the issues themselves. Going to court is not always the way forward particularly bearing in mind the costs of doing so and the remedy being sought.

Going to court is an expensive option and should only be pursued if your case is strong and the evidence available supports your claim. While you may recover a substantial amount of your costs should you succeed in your claim or defence you will not always recover a 100% of your legal costs. What it costs. In claims for less than £10,000 it is not possible to recover legal costs at all.

Each dispute requires a unique approach, sometimes forceful and but always measured. In order to resolve the issues effectively we seek to try and resolve the matter if at all possible through negotiation sometimes moving on to mediation where we have had much success. However, sometimes litigation is inevitable and when that situation occurs we have the expertise to represent you in court and guide you and protect your interests.

We specialise solely in Litigation work including Professional Negligence claims. We deal in all areas involving Commercial and Contractual disputes. Commercial Litigation. We also specialise in Property Litigation including adverse possession claims, disputes with neighbours concerning trespass, rights of way, rights to park, nuisance claims, boundary disputes, Access to Neighbouring Land Act claims and Party Wall Act matters.