Property Litigation

Property Litigation

Quinn & Co specialise in all areas of property litigation. We have a great deal of experience in this area of law having represented clients against Local Authorities, Water Companies, Landlords, Property Developers and Neighbours.

We regularly represent Homeowners, Investors, Property Developers, Landlords, Tenants and Leaseholders in property disputes protecting their rights or acquiring rights in favour of their property through for example claims for adverse possession or rights of way over neighbouring land acquired by prescription.

Usually a dispute regarding property will involve your most valuable asset. As such it is important to ensure your title and rights are not in any way compromised as it may affect the value of your property and your ability to sell it on later. It is important to protect the quiet enjoyment of your property from any nuisance emanating for adjoining land.

It is important to resolve any property dispute as quickly and cost effectively as possible as this type of litigation can be particularly stressful as it may involve your home and your relations with your neighbours.

We give you clear succinct and practical advice always bearing in mind that court proceedings should be a last resort. We work hard to find a practical and satisfactory solution and to meet your objectives. We are responsive always keeping you informed of all progress and returning calls and responding to your emails within a reasonable time.

We often resolve disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution and frequently settle disputes to our client’s satisfaction through mediation. Should we need to take the matter to court we have the expertise to see it through to trial.

Property Litigation is a wide area of law and is known for throwing up difficult matters of law and fact not least because the resolution of disputes relating to title or boundaries can involve studying pre-registration title deeds and taking evidence as to the actual use of the land. It is therefore important to use a specialist in this area of law.

We have experience of dealing with the following Property matters: